Code of conduct and ethics

In keeping with our values of creating and maintaining positive change,
employees and staff at Finabanx abide by a strict Code of Conduct and Ethics:

Honest practices

Honest practices and conflict resolution, including but not limited to internal transactions and transactions with customers.

Personal interest should never compromise the service that our representatives offer in the name of Finabanx.

Clear communication

Fair and complete disclosure of communication and agreements. The client has the right to a complete disclosure regarding the terms regulating any transaction or service with Finabanx.

Fully compliant

Compliance with rules, laws and regulations at all times. Under no circumstances will Finabanx knowingly seek to undertake any illegal transactions. If an illegal transaction were to unknowingly take place, the transaction and terms of agreement will be automatically considered non-valid.

Prompt action

Prompt action should internal violation of the Code of Conduct and Ethics occur. We strive to abide by the Code of Conduct and Ethics at all times. Any violation of the Code of Conduct and Ethics will result in severe sanctions.


Accountability to the Code of Conduct and Ethics. All employees are accountable, at all times and without exception, to the terms of the Code of Conduct and Ethics. Failure to do so will result in sanctions.

With over ten years experience in the financial industry, I am excited to work with a company that shares my values and beliefs.