About Us

Sébastien Chartrand

Director of Operations - Escalade Marketing

Finabanx is probably the most remarkable company I have had a chance to work with. They truly understand their customers’ needs and constantly exceed expectations.

Who we are

Finabanx is an online financial services company that aims to improve people’s lives through socially responsible loans. Our credit scoring technology allows our clients to access our loan application 24/7, our innovative use of big data allows us to deliver a precise decision within minutes, and our team of finance and customer service experts are available to assist clients with whatever questions they may have. Finabanx’s professional and affordable finance products include short and medium term loans, prepaid credit cards and lines of credit.

What we do

Our goal is to offer competitive financial services to our clients all over the world. Our efficient online process is a breakthrough for consumer lending. Data infrastructure and a sophisticated algorithm are utilized to allow for instant client identification and to assess the client’s ability to borrow. Our constant innovations in the credit field allow us to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing a wide range of financing options.

What we believe

We believe that the future of lending is online. We strive to optimize lending by providing a fully automatized application and approval system through a secure online platform. By focusing on excellence in fully automated online lending, we enable clients all around the globe to reach their short and medium term financial goals and empower them to achieve long-term financial success.

Our dedication to improving people’s lives extends to the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to supporting individuals from all walks of life and supporting local communities through our donations program. We also encourage our associates and employees to put their talents at the service of their communities.

The team

What started as an innovative vision turned into a new financial services standard based on advanced financial technology. Our Finabanx team is composed of great leaders with many years of combined experience.